Welcome to my website! This page of cyberspace is dedicated to the great dog Ralpho. Have you two met before? no? well that’s okay I’ll speak on his behalf about him to you.

Ralpho is a Dog balancing a small cabin on his back. In this cabin (during the summer months) James is known to hold a teacup, within this cup in our universe, including all the stars galaxies and planets of which Earth is one. Ralpho is himself balancing in turn, upon the Torus, which is constantly spinning and moving upwards (up) towards the future and away from the past. At the apex of Time (the big grumpy cylinder) is Ralpho.

Ralpho is a red dwarf star that hangs out at the furthest end of time, which we are hurtling towards. Scholars and the like have been theorizing since the dawn of time on the significance of this star. How it got there and what its up to are for now, mysteries beyond the reaches of science to explain.

If anyone is worried about the Cup containing the universe, or James, or his cabin, or Ralpho or the Torus or any of the other characters populating the greater scales of creation, do not be afraid. It is likely for us the Universe itself will have experienced Heat-Death long before the collision with the Great Star Ralpho, that being the time at which the Universe has cooled down enough for James to finally drink it. For James, there’s a 3/4 chance he won’t even be in his cabin when the collision occurs. For Ralpho, well, she is full of surprises.

On this website I showcase my art portfolio and will review gluten-free products.