Glutino Lemon Wafers 2026

While we as a species come to terms with the Endless Summer I urge human-kind to not resort to anger and violence, but rejoice in our own pity, for it is Scarcity that will give us Abundance! and Weakness that will give us Strength! in this new Epoch of Capital. Yes, a Summer that will continually increase in severity well past the Foreseeable Future is not the sustainable future weed-smoking leftists fantasized about. It is the real inevitable collapse the forces of Capital have been guiding the entire world towards since, like the 16th century or so. Finally a world of True Scarcity that will finally propel our Economy into the future!

The Dustbowl was an ecological disaster that effected the North American Prairies in the 1930's. Much like the Endless Summer which effects the entire world today.

There is a lot of anger brewing among those who were powerless to make changes with their individual actions. The cynicism of the Capitalist machine: which was predestined to finally scratch away the Surface and Mantle to consume the Earths Core, unleashing the Pandora Continuum, creating a new environment of Want and Destruction, perfect for the alien beats of Capital to finally make the once lush planet its permanent nest.

So, with the consumption of the Core, the Climate Crisis has made its final Metamorphosis into what scientists once called the Endless Summer. This sparked a lot of controversy especially among the Left. I must take the reasonable and higher road of my Liberal icons: Barrack Obama, Augusto Pinochet, and popular YouTuber Trevor Noah; and urge the world not to take their anger out on the handful of people who have brought upon the Endless Summer for their own fleeting personal gain. No, your desire to fix your situation is just as heinous as those who intentionally ruined the lives of the less powerful. Instead let’s make the best of our situations. What better way to enjoy the Summer than with an old fashioned summer treat, something crisp, light, lemony, and of course gluten free.

a box of Glutino Lemon Wafers

Glutino’s Lemon Wafers are an ideal treat for these warmer chapters of our human story. They’re a stack of four wafers with lemon creme in-between them, in an elongated rectangle shape. They’re light, crispy and sweet, but still have an almost natural tasting lemony tartness that’s really nice. An almost perfect summer treat.

The wafers themselves are, not totally unlike Styrofoam in texture and appearance, so they lack a satisfying crunch. When you bite down on them they mostly bend and push the lemon cream out of the neat little rectangular prism, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just a disappointing thing. I like my foods to maintain a basic geometric shape.

Another disappointment is that I’m not totally sure what to eat these with. I’m hesitant to dunk them into tea or coffee because they’re very crumbly and I’m afraid the wafer will dissolve and deposit the lemon goop in my cup. Also, its too warm for hot beverages anyways. Iced tea might be good, but I would probably take my iced tea with lemon anyways, so at that point the lemon wafer is kinda overwhelming, and I’d rather sacrifice the wafer over the real lemon in my tea.

All in all i think the Glutino Lemon Wafers are a good purchase for a sweet treat.


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